Lizzy the Large – SILF, Stepmom I’d Like to Fuck

“If you want anything from me, you just have to ask for it. Then I’ll see if I do it or not”, that’s what Lizzy Pompeia says whenever someone asks things like “Can I ask you a favor?”

Lizzy the Large, that’s her nickname, for her large buttocks. Lizzy is the fat bottomed kind of girl. 30 years old, single. A blond bombshell, Lizzy stands on 5’5″ and weighs 134 pounds. Her fair skin is always very tanned, her face ain’t exactly beautiful, but you can fancy it, specially because of her full, fleshy lips. A sexy figure 8 body is a mix-up of surgeries and workouts. Her stats, 33C, 25, 41. That’s right, 41 inches for her hips, better saying, her butt. She’s a 41-incher, as she likes to say. Men will easily forget her not-so-perfect face when see that booty and Lizzy knows that. She’s not another beautiful face, but the unique beautiful butt. Lizzy the Large is a genuine whooty PAWG.
Fat MILF Fucking Stepson

Her booty was stuffed deep in a blue jeans one month ago, when she met her stepson Jimmy Lancastre, a 18-year-old somewhat fat shy boy, blond hair, blue eyes, very warty white face. Jimmy is the youngest son of Johnny Lancastre, a 55-year-old businessman. They were on a barbecue at the common area of the gated community Johnny lives in.
“Hi, Jimmy! I’m Lizzy!”, said her, kissing him on the cheek and prolonging his boner. Yeah, it was already hard since he saw that big butt in tight jeans.
That afternoon, Jimmy was interested on a girl, a 21-year-old beautiful neighbor. “Go talk to her, Jimmy! If you want anything, you just have to ask for it”, Lizzy advised him. Full of courage, Jimmy went. And the girl laughed at him to yell “NO WAY!”

Act 2: The hard times of a PAWG
“The hardest part of being bootylicious is that men will always stare at my bum and they won’t think about anything else. To them, I’m just a fat butt. Over time, I learned to deal with it. Am I just a butt? They’re just dicks, that’s the way it is. I like it”, that’s what Lizzy the Large said to a close (female) friend when she asked it it was hard to be such a hot woman.

Lizzy walks down the streets in a very tight short blue dress, up to the middle of her thick thighs. It draws her figure in a way her butt looks huge. It jiggles to every step and, on her way, Lizzy passes by 23 men. 20 of them break their necks to stare at her booty – three of them can’t, they’re in company to their wives or girlfriends. But how they wishes to see that! All of them have the hard ons, all of them gets horny after seeing that jiggly bouncy booty. “I know I give men their hardest times and I love it!”, Lizzy is totally aware of her power. “As long as they keep respect and keep the distance, they look but don’t try to touch, to me it’s good.”

Wearing amber sunglasses, with a purse on her shoulder, Lizzy is heading to Johnny’s place. She could have called him and asked for him to pick her up, but sometimes she enjoy a good walk for both, the physical exercise itself and for leaving so many men horny on her way down to anywhere.

Pink lipstick on her lips, pink nail polish on her nails, Lizzy walked for around 30 minutes. Now, close to Johnny’s, it’s time for a last little fun, at least to her. Last little torture to men, or a chosen man. From the top of her high heels sandals, which leaves her very elegant and very, very pert, like a curvy catwalk model.

Lizzy stops in front of a hotdog vendor man with those hotdog carts… he’s on the pavement when she approaches. “Excuse me!”, she says. As of the moment she talks to him, the vendor guy gets the shivers and stands still. “Y-yes?”, he babbles, nervous. “Can you tell me where’s the 99th Street?”, she asks. It’s the fucking next street, Lizzy! Oh, yeah, she knows, she just wants to… “Well, y-you j-just have to turn the corner and…”, as the vendor man explains, Lizzy turns her back to him, turning to the street. That huge booty on tight blue dress is totally turned to him. The vendor guy stares at the butt. The butt stares at him. He can’t say a word, his voice is gone, it has rushed together with his blood to his penis. He has an immediate erection now. “Oh, yeah! I got it!”, answered Lizzy, pointing with her hand. Really? “Well, thank you and…”, when she is answering, she “accidentally” drops her glasses. “Oops!”, and she bends to pick it and that makes her big butt lifts even more. The vendor man gets red, his erection is erupting! She picks the glass and stands again, still with her back turning to him. With the sunglasses on, she turns the head to thank the vendor. “Thanks!”, Lizzy says, with a smile from her thick lips. And slaps her own booty, making it jiggles in the dress. That’s enough, the vendor man cums in his pants. Lizzy doesn’t see it coming (cuming), but she knows that happened. And she walks the last steps to Johnny’s, happy for the hard times she gave them men.

Act 3: The hot stepmom
Lizzy Pompeia and Johnny Lancastre are dating for around 3 months when their jobs accidentally crossed. Lizzy is a promoter and hostess, works in events. Johnny is a sports businessman, he represents a sports apparel and equipment brand in town.
They met on an event Lizzy was working as hostess, the launch of a store. She was in a very tight and short red dress, very similar to the one she wears today, but a different color. Impressed with her round butt, Johnny couldn’t pay any attention to the event. He spent all night hitting on Lizzy, who wasn’t giving an ass (literally) to him. She’s strong with her principles: not to get involved with clients or work personal. But she couldn’t resist that long, after the event she went home with Johnny and invited him in.
After an 1-month affair, they went on a serious relationship and one month later she was introduced to his family, including his kids. Johnny is father to three, a 30-year-old daughter, a 24-year-old son and Jimmy, the 18-year-old youngest son. Lizzy goes to the gated community every day, sometimes she sleeps there. She’s already well known by the security personnel and neighbors and the gates are open with no need to identify herself anymore.
“Hi, Jimmy! Is your father home?”, asks Lizzy, from the front window. She stands on the porch of their house. Lying on the couch in front of the window, Jimmy shuts his iPad and takes his hand off his shorts quickly. He was masturbating to Lizzy photos on Instagram when she suddenly showed up. Did she notice? Oh, my God! “Oh, he… no, he… he’s not…”, Jimmy answers, unable to act cool. “Wanna come in?”, he asks, but Lizzy has already made herself home a long time ago, she’s already opening the door. Jimmy was wearing nothing but shorts and as Lizzy enters, he quickly goes to his room to dress and t-shirt. And then gets back.
Lizzy is sitting on the armchair while Jimmy gets back to the sofa. He’s impressed with Lizzy, she looks hotter than Hell in that dress, he has never seen her that way. But he hasn’t stared at her butt so far. He has to do that. To hide his boner, Jimmy takes a pillow and covers his legs and waist. He’s rooting for her to get up for any reason. Lizzy just turned on the TV and watches to any afternoon show. Minutes go by and she won’t get up. Jimmy is anxious, he wants to see her booty, he needs it. His dick is throbbing in his shorts only for his imagination! Minutes go by, and by, and by, the dick is hard and nothing happens. Boredoms and turn-ons, it can’t be for nothing. And he remembers what Lizzy just told her… want something? Ask for it. “Lizzy?”, he says. “Yes, Jimmy honey?”, she kindly looks at him. “Would you please get up and turn around for me to see you?”, he asks. Lizzy opens her eyes wide. She wasn’t expecting that, but why not? Surely she loved it. “Sure, dear!”
Lizzy gets up, pulling her dress down a little, as it always goes up when she sits, and turns her back to Jimmy. He can’t believes what he sees, that huge booty in a tight blue dress in front of him. He never felt his dick so hard and jaw so dropped. Around 30 seconds later, she completes the 360 turnaround. Again facing Jimmy off, she smiles at his jaw-dropped face. “Enough?”, she asks and sits again. He won’t answer, all he wants now is to put his hand on his shorts and wangs himself.

Act 4: The horny stepson
What Jimmy (probably) doesn’t know is that Lizzy is horny with this situation too. She sits back and now is her turn to ask for something. “My turn, Jimmy. Get rid of this pillow, please!”, she asks. Jimmy’s eyes pop, he didn’t expect that. His pale white face blushes and he slowly takes the pillow of his front. His dick is hard, there’s a large camping tent there. Lizzy pretends everything is OK there, nothing abnormal. She just smiles to Jimmy again and turns her head to the television. She knows he will go on with the porn game and now she’s in control.
“Sorry, Lizzy. I can’t hold on anymore. I’d like to see your booty, do you show me?”. Lizzy smiles. “Only showing. Keep the distance. Is it OK for you?”, she asks. “Totally fair!”, he answers.
Lizzy gets up again and now pulls her dress up, up to her waistline. Her panties is pink, matching her lipstick and nail polish. And then she turns around, turns her back to Jimmy. Lizzy wears a G-string, her large buttocks are all exposed. Jimmy’s dick is about to explode.
“Jimmy?”, Lizzy calls him. He can’t answer, his jaw won’t move to articulate words. And she goes on. “I’m tired of sitting, do you mind if I stand still… like that?”, and she slaps her own butt, the right butt cheek. Is jiggles violently. “N-no… p-please, make yourself… comfy…”, Jimmy manages to speak. By a small mirror on the wall, Lizzy can see Jimmy puts his hand in his shorts. “Dear, you don’t need to hold yourself back like that! Pull it off!”, she says. Jimmy puts his dick out of his shorts and start to masturbate. By the mirror, Lizzy sees. She starts to twerk and bounce her ass without touching it, just shaking, like dancing to no music. Her buttocks jiggle like jelly.
Unfortunately, it goes for only five minutes. Suddenly they hear a car coming. With his dick in his hand, Jimmy turns his head to the window, scared. Lizzy pulls her dress down and turns to him. “It looks like you will have to end that somewhere else”, she laughs. Jimmy gets up and, with his shorts down, “runs” as fast as he can, heading to his room or to the bathroom or whatever.
Lizzy sits on the armchair again. When Johnny enters home, she runs to him, jumps on his arms and kisses him in the mouth, a very sucked tongue kiss. Her arms are around his neck while he embraces her and, with his hands, holds and squeezes his buttocks, trying to pull her dress up. Lizzy holds the dress to prevent him from pulling the dress. “Not here, baby!”, she says. “Jimmy can see it!”

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